by CL (aka CodaVoodoo, who maintains a site here).

Parental Guidance suggested.

Late Chances
Logan offers his support to Ororo as the burden of leadership
grows heavy...and finds a chance for something new and strong
between them.
- 23K

Lost Chances
Remy has returned to the X-Men. Will Ororo and Logan's
relationship survive? - 28K

Last Chances
Logan takes a hard look at his life, Maggott and Gambit
go searching for Logan and find trouble, and Angel searches
for Marrow.
- 25K

A Chance of Rain
One night in the mansion plus one night in Manhattan. . .
equals all hell breaking loose.
- 25K

A Chance Offer
Can Logan and Storm find a future together when
past mistakes tear them further apart?
- 28K