G-Force/Battle of the Planets/Gatchaman Fanfiction:

Once upon a time, when I was a little 'un, and my mom dressed me up garanimal-like, I'd race home round three o'clock after school to watch the G-Force show (titled Battle of the Planets). One day the G-Force show disappeared, and I was very sad. But I grew up to surf on the internet where I found out almost everything I wanted to know about it and its inspiration --- Science Ninja Team

Alara Roger's Gatchaguru's Page - fanfiction, episode guides transcripts, tape trading.

Ang's Links - the end all of Gatch,BotP,G-Force, and Eagle Riders' links lists.

The Beta Reader Pages - Lovely.

Carolyn Kaufman's Gatchaman, BotP and G-Force Page - The place to start if your knowledge about the different versions of the show is small.

Gatchaman Fanfic - Veronika Henkels has the most complete Gatch/BOTP/Eagle Riders archive out there.

Gatchaman Fanfiction Archive - Most of Lori's fantastic Gatchaman ouevre is here and at Fanfiction.net

Gatchaman: Home of the White Shadow - Wendy Dinsmore's site.

The Production Diaries - irreverent fun.

The X-Files:

1,000,009's XFFanfic - All good stuff. Angie's gorgeous.

No Other: Love Stories for Mulder and Scully - Exquisitely characterized MSR's.

DrWeesh's HTML X-Files transcript archive - Complete and current.

FANDOM - X-Files - episode transcripts and reviews.

IOHO - Lisby, iwonder & Sapphire's archive of what they consider to be the best in X-Files fanfic land.

Jane Mortimer - Bad Jane. Her 'Sin Eater' sucked me into a three fic a day habit that I've kicked only with difficulty.

Jebuslug Speaks - Remember that episode in Season 8 where Dogget extracted a slug from Scully's spine? Here are the 'sacred' texts of that hour.

Luperkal designed my site. Go here for arresting word and picture pictures by lup and wen. Their mojo's working.

MaybeAmanda- Her wild, beautifully done site contains an archive that's full of great stuff.

Missing Time - The Lone Gun Guy writes the best, weirdest, strangest, solidly-written files. He's SO good.

The Primal Screamers Fanfic Primer - An archive of classic X-Files fanfic (Straight Files, MSR, Slash) and regularly updated "recs".

X-Files Fan Fiction Links - Mailing lists, author sites, and specialized archives.

Ranma 1/2:

The Ranma-verse is something best experienced abruptly. The series and fan fiction bring new meaning to the term 'wandering
womb'. You'll laugh, you'll cry -- it's better than Cats.

Allyn Younge's and D'Chan's Anime Fanfiction Website - Try Bloodfist for glimmers of greatness.

Anipike Ranma 1/2 page- Many fan fic links, regularly updated.

Fanfic Revolution- Many authors writing what they think to be the best of anime and erotica now have a blog.

Hearts of Ice -Incomplete, but the parts that are done are more than fine.

Joseph Palmer's seasons and colors - atmospheric pieces..

Lin Lee's Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha Fic- self-explanatory, no?

Mike's Anime Page- Home of the 'Choices' series.

No Frills - Just as wild and crazy as the show.

Otaku Kaku - "Here is Greenwood!" stories, among others.

The Penultimate Ranma Fanfic Index- hosted by Rakhal Stormwarden.

Ranma & Akane: A Love Story - Different. Good different. I wish it were done. Part of The Foul Rag And Bone Shop Of The Heart

Relentless - Ranma finally triumphs over that old goat Happosai, but his troubles only multiply.

The Shadow Chronicles - Comedy, drama, horror, angst, torture and smoochies -- no, it's not Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it's Mark McKinnon's "Shadow Chronicles". Fall into his whirl.

Transpacific Fanfiction - Nothing is what you'll expect, every story a twisted surprise. Be sure to read Ill Met By Starlight, and Waters Under the Earth.

Thomas Seifert- The Taming of the Horse and A Man Among Women.

Star Trek:

the fanfiction of jc sun: a semi-secret eggo - On Star Trek: Voyager some relationships are strictly platonic. Here, that of Harry Kim and B'Elanna Torres is lyrically, angstily, much more.

Big Page O'Fanfic Links - Almost all the fanfic websites that are and ever were devoted to Trek in all its incarnations.

Claire Gabriel's page - She has written three stellar Voyager stories and two shame-Pocket-books to-no-end Star Trek: TOS novels.

The Colonel and the Constable - Odo, Odo, Odo, Odo, Odo - oh, and Kira Nerys.

Djinn's Lair - Rabblerouser posted *read this* about "Blood Ties". Try all of Djinn's works.

Editrix - TOS fic featuring the Romulan Commander; also, "The Art of Longing".

Jane St Clair - Proceed with Caution, much slash ahead. Check out "Softer than the Rain" if you're of age for gorgeous Janeway and Paris something-love. It's the sequel to the gorgeous, "Softly".

Jenn's FanFiction Indulgence- I don't like Paris and Torres as a couple, but Jenn does, and I'll read each and every one of her stories because 1) I am a story-hound and 2) she gives *great* story."

JuPiter Station- Even though I'm very well aware that Capt. Janeway of the ship Voyager shouldn't become romantically involved with any of her crew, I enjoy reading stories that explore that extreme possibility with Ensign Paris. If you're like-minded, you may enjoy this page.

Macedon - excellent stories and commentary. Home of the Talking Stick braided novel.

Roisin Fraser's Web Page - TOS fiction. Check out the "Intermission" series.

Snoop Mary at Paris Nights where her abusive Torres 'Latin' series is archived.

Star Trek Stories - Ariana's DS9 and Kira/Dukat archive.

Wildcat's Smut Palace - contains long stories full of vivid Lt. Uhura and fascinating Spock characterization. Maybe if NBC and Desilu Productions had not killed all the Uhura storylines viewers of the original series might have gotten to know her, but in lieu of that go here.

COMICS: X-Men, New Mutants

The Bucktown Timeline - David J. Warner and Hexadecimal wrote a fantastic series of things.

Comicfic.net - Formerly the Itty Bitty Archives.

Cordially Chris - Chris Claremont's messageboard/hang-out.

Definitive X-Men Erotica Archive - nudity and raunchiness abounds.

Draco at evenrobins.net- What if Jason Todd survived the Joker's assault?

Erin Wallis - A Warren Ellis send-up.

Fonts of Wisdom- There's a lot of X-fic at Kmetyk's site.

Indigo Sky Net - This woman is serious about the craft of writing.

The Museum of Black Superheroes - Bios, pictures and links.

Nick's Website for Colossus - Because he thinks Piotr Rasputin was likeable and admirable.

Outside the Lines - a Comic Fan Fiction Mailing List which posts comic-related, fan-written fiction to and from over 600 members around the world.

Sequential Tart - Women on comics.

Shifting Sands - Fan fiction with characters from the entirety of Marvel's X-franchise.

The Storm Archive - This one-stop Storm fanfic site contains the "More-or-Less Complete Index of Storm Stories" in addition to a small
but selective archive.

(un)frozen - Iceman stories!


Farscape.com - The offical site.

Farscape at Sci-fi.com

Leviathan - the Farscape automated archive. Knock yourself out with the Fialka, Maayan, and cofax stuff. With them, I don't mind John/Aeryn as much, if at all.

RedBeard's Farscape Fanfiction Archive - see title for information.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel; BtVS/AtS:

Angel Annex - superior AtS fanfiction.

Better Buffy Discussion Board - a spinoff of the the Better Buffy Fics recs list.

BFA - the automated Buffy Fan Fiction Archive.

Buffy the Patriarchy Slayer - More hyperanalysis. So Sarah Michele Gellar (the actor who plays Buffy) doesn't like the word 'feminist' - pfft.

The Darker Side of Sunnydale - A whole lot of good ficcing going on.

The Disenchanted Kingdom - MustangSally and RivkaT switch networks. They're having literary, gory, explicit fun with the genre. And oddly enough, a lot of it's Buffy/Spike.

The Eternal Angel - a non-Broody Angel site with an eclectic fanfiction collection.

Getting Cookies - fanfiction by Echo. 'Twinkie', an AtS/BtVS cross-over is here.

Isms in the Buffyverse - a very fun, very interesting site for those who like to analyze and -lyze and -lyze.

Jennifer's Story recs - gems all around.

Letters to Whistler: Harpy's Fanfiction - Harpy writes Buffy/Angel really well. Good stuff, all around. Bring your own fan.

Palimpsest - Rheanna's well-written fiction and recs.

Slashing the Angel - Normally I don't, but some of the most mesmering writing I've read in fan fiction land has been slash. You may find happiness here.

Spykenard- where Spyke Raven archives her Buffy/Angelus stories.

Stranger Things Forum - All kinds o' C-A 'shippers, all kinds of fic.

Suricata's Lair - Veddy interesting. I really don't know what to expect when I go here for BtVS stuff, but I've read it all straight through.

Vampire Cows - Hosts Giles fic, het and slash. KV Wylie's stories can be found here.

Volition - An archive of Angel-Cordelia & Angel/Cordelia fanfiction that so doesn't suck. Yahtzee and Kita were listening when people like me kept bitching about shmoopy-bad C/A fic, so they started the ACangst mailing list and this site.

The Watcher's Compound - Kris Walberg's Giles centric page. Wonderful stories about him and the Watcher's council. Magic, Passion, Politics, Great Britain well written with fantastic original characters.

Weird Buffy Gal Shrine - Juanita Dark paints with pictures, not just words.

Yahtzee - well wrought fan fiction. Consistently well-wrought fan fiction.


Allies-A Syd/Vaughan site.

The Safe House - fan forum, fan fiction, episode guides, photos, and more.

Nocturnal Activities- all on Jack Bristow.


Girl Friday - devoted to Chloe Sullivan, by Tara O'Shea. Ficness here.

Level Three - automated Smallville fan fiction archive.

The Reporters - Pete's not in here cause it's all about Clark/Chloe. Pretty site.

Wild Coyote - the centralized archive for all pairings, all ratings, all genre het fan fiction for Smallville.

More of My bad WB habit

Almighty Gah! - where the incomparable Kita has her hilarious and pointed say on all things Angel. Do check out her anti-blog and Anya's rave reviews. Oh, and she writes like a fiend.

The Minnearkitears - Shrine to Angel: The Series director, writer Tim Minnear.

Television Without Pity used to be 'Mighty Big TV ' but the cattiness remains. Holds tv reviews in the spirit of Mystery Science Theater 3000 on all the shows you could want (possibly). The 'Young Americans' reviews were too much.


Anne Rice based - or, why maybe her ego is too much for me.

BattleStar Gallactica Online - all versions. Many links..

Birds of a Feather- is a regularly updated fan-fiction shrine to the 'sorta couple' of Oracle and Nightwing.

The Bomb - all about Grant Morrison's "The Invisibles" (barbelith).

The Correllian Embassay - Star Wars fic.

The Faithful - Jules' Pitch Black fan fiction work.

Leloi's Vault - contains her "Inuyasha" and "Please Save My Earth" fic.

Maureen's Sliders Fic - Features the original Mallory, the incomparable Wade Wells, and his wonder, Prof. Maximillian Arturo.

Mystic Wild Parabola of Love - Rebecca J. Bohner's Dr. Who, "The Beekeeper's Apprentice", and X-Files links & stories.

Jaquemart is Alan Harnum's continuation of Shouju Kakumei Utena/Revolutionary Girl Utena. As usual, his writing is mesmerizing; but then, the show's subtext is rich beyond rich. 

Selina's Rooftop - Chris Dee's Catwoman homepage. Good graphics, great Catwoman fanfiction.

Transmetropolitan - the official site. For more pages go here.

The Double Helix - like most ficcers and other wordwhores of discerning taste, Jintian started out in X-Files fanfic land. Her recs are wide-ranging but consistently well written. If you don't mind some literary with your fic or in general want well-wrought reads, look up her site. She reads just about everything.

FanFiction.net - Fully-automated and extensive. If you're looking for fanfiction from a particular fandom, this is an excellent place to elaborate your search. Sturgeon's law may apply.

Glass Onion - archive of the meta-list, XFiles, X-Men, Buffy, Angel, Sports Night, etc.

Hidden Gems - Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Supernatural, The OC, Numb3ers, Smallville, Harry Potter, Stargate, X-Men movieverse, Lord Of The Rings, The O. C., Pirates Of The Caribbean, CSI, The Dead Zone, Galaxy Quest, Crossovers.

Lucky numbers - Andraste's rec pages - mostly X-Men with a smattering of otherwheres.

Polyamorous Recommendations - Recs of slash and het fanfic from a wide variety of fandoms.

Remember Us - The long, long, *long* overdue central archive for fiction, art, and links featuring characters of color.

We Read Crap So You Don't Have To - Te set up a recs blog.  Slash-centric.

Simegen- pan fandomish.

Strangers in Paradise - added 24 July 2001

The Official Strangers in Paradise Website - Episode Guide, cover gallery, discussion forum and more.


The American Heritage Book of English Usage

The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation - How to tame those wild commas, and place periods, semi-colons and colons.

Chilling Effects - Control! You will be assimilated! Disney/Time Warner Uber Alles!

Comic Fan Fiction Writer's Resource - "Even masterpieces can often be polished to an even higher shine with a few tweaks here and there."

Dr. Merlin's Guide to Fan Fiction

A Hundred Years of Mary Sue

The Mary-Sue Litmus Test

Merriam Webster online

Strunk's Elements of Style

World Fact Book

Bartleby.com - Great books online