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Noakes, Mike
Choices - Part One: The Party
Fandom: Ranma 1/2
Summary: Forced by two interfering parents, Ranma unwilling
accompanies Akane to the biggest Furinkan party of the year.
Ranma tries to get comfortable with the curse, Akane's as insecure
as ever, and what can go wrong, does.
Lovely and horrible, all at once.
Rating: NR
Size: 178K

Rain Man
Gossamer Weave
Fandom: Ranma 1/2
Summary: The weakest person in Nerima comes of age. I don't have
enough fingers and toes to number all the times I was annoyed by an
unidentified narrator but this made up for all of them.
Rating: NR
Size: 133K

1000 Umbrellas
Fandom: Ranma 1/2
Summary: Ryouga Hibiki's pig-mindedness takes him places he never
expected to go. The story blew my mind. Amazed me that flashback could
be incorporated so well.
Rating: NR
Size: 178K

Wildeman, Bridget
Summary: This brief summer interlude is written completely
in the moment.
Rating: NR
Size: 10K

Wildeman, Bridget
Wedding Night
Summary: Ranma and Akane clean up the wrecked dojo, in the aftermath
of their botched wedding attempt.
Passionate without being overwritten, fresh but familiar: things
move so fast here, it reads itself.
Rating: PG (Lime-ish)
Size: 45K