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Fandom: Star Trek - Voy
Summary: Timeless could have been worse. Someone might have
Rating: PG-13
Size: 71K

Gabriel, Claire
All the Songs
Fandom: Star Trek - Voy
Summary: Third in the Second Season series. Breathes new life into Janeway/Chakotay -
or maybe she set the standard.
Rating: R
Size: 75K

St Clair, Jane
Softer Than the Rain
Fandom: Star Trek - Voy
Summary: Sequel to "Softly." Chakotay does a bad thing
and spends the rest of the story scrubbing out Jefferies tubes with Ensign Expendable.
Other people go on to do other things.
Rating: NC-17
Size: 48K

St Clair, Jane
Fandom: Star Trek - Voy
Summary: A morale exercise from Chakotay yields some unexpected answers.
This work is a revelation. Hits me where I breathe, every time.
Rating: PG-13
Size: 34K